For those looking to tone muscles, increase flexibility and burn calories, our innovative Yogatoning classes can be a great option. The sequence of Pilates core strengthening exercises and various Yoga stretches offers a tough workout that will tone your body and leave you feeling stronger, leaner and energized. Our sessions are designed to bring rhythm and flow into every workout. We developed our own Yogatoning routine that is proven to be most effective and safe among all other yoga exercises in producing a muscle toning effect. Every session is created to strengthen muscles all over your body, in balance with each other, while focusing on working the abdominals through the whole workout. Yoga is beneficial for toning because it is primarily a sequence of isometric exercises, which improves muscle firmness and flexibility. According to Vilma Lalvani, author of “The Power of Yoga.” The stretching “helps eliminate fat within the cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Yoga poses that require lifting legs and arms and inverting the body with incorporation of Pilates principles of precision, control and deep core activation will result in strengthening of the whole body. When you are strong and flexible you are free of pain and look younger!