Developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany, the Pilates Method (or simply Pilates) is an exercise system which focuses on improving flexibilitystabilitybalancestrength and tone of the body. Pilates targets the postural muscles. This Method emphasizes core stability, correct body alignment and proper breathing. Each exercise focuses on special movement. The Pilates Method will help you dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.
Pilates exercises may be performed on Pilates apparatus known as Equipment Pilates, and/or on the Pilates or Yoga mats known as Non-Equipment Pilates.


In our everyday life we have so many factors negatively affecting our bodies.  Constant routines and habits force us to overuse specific muscle groups, while completely ignoring the others. Stress often times weakens the body causing us to slouch and effect a change to the healthy shape of the spine. Neglected injuries may result in further traumas to non-affected areas. This is due to an overcompensation to the damaged area and an unconscious over-recruitment of the opposite muscle groups or joints. Incorrect habits formed in childhood, repetitive routines, faulty movement patterns and improper training programs may all lead to poor alignment and permanent damage. This ultimately causes increased injuries, destroying the harmony of the musculoskeletal system. The Pilates method, when introduced properly by a qualified Pilates instructor, is the perfect way to reverse these incorrect patterns. Pilates teaches the individual to initiate and control all movements, using their own mind and body connections.