Dear Helen,

As I approach my 1st year anniversary of doing Pilates at your studios, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you! I am the thinnest, healthiest and most physically fit I have ever been in my life!!!

Before coming to Helen’s I lead a very sedentary lifestyle, but now I am trying every class that your studios offer. Because of your wonderful business acumen, Pilates authenticity, kindness and ability to meet your customers needs, you and your staff have helped me transform not only my body and health but my outlook on life.

Thank you

Sharon K.

I have been a client of Helen’s Pilates Studio for over 5 years and have had sessions at both studios ranging from day to night classes.. As a client of both studios I can unequivocally attest to this being a first class operation. You would be hard pressed to find a Pilates Studio such as Helen’s where you have the perfect combination of extremely caring well trained professional instructors, top rated (by industry standards) equipment and of course immaculate surroundings.

Most importantly we the clients are constantly being re-evaluated as to our new and continuing needs.

Congratulations to Helen and her staff for making Pilates “A LABOR OF LOVE”.

Thank you,
Manhattan Beach

What’s fantastic about Pilates at Helen’s Pilates is that all of your sessions are focused on your needs. If you suffer from a bad back, knees, neck etc. every movement is planned to take care of you!

I know – it’s my personal experience!

Brooklyn, NY

You will never find another team of experts that are more knowledgeable, professional, concerned and dedicated than at Helen’s Pilates. That’s why l ‘ve been a client at Helen’s for many years.

Brooklyn, NY

Nothing has ever made me feel better, stronger and healthier than my sessions at Helen’s Pilates.

It’s not work – it’s FUN!

Brooklyn, NY

To Helen’s Pilates team

High qualify of products and services provided to every customer should be the most important staple of every business. Helen’s Pilates is that kind of business. Sinse I came to the place for the first time in June, 2011 and started with Zumba classes twice- a- week, to present day when i take unlimited Zumba and Piloxing classes along with Reformer Pilates sessions, l am a much healthier, tonner and happier person. Helen’s Pilates has not only replaced gym for me but became a life style choice that l enjoy and grow to love more and more every day. I used to work out just because l had to and going to the gym was something mandatory and boring for me. I knew l had to, but l also knew l really didn’t enjoy the process. Helen’s Pilates has not only challenged me but made me love and enjoy the work out. The whole thing transformed from a boring routine to a fun exercise that l look forward to my Zumba, Pilates and Piloxing classes every single day, even on weekends. The reason l love, enjoy and respect Helen’s Pilates so much is the combination of friendly and knowledgeable stuff, professional and truly talented instructors, flexible schedule, constant sarch for innovation and improvement and two beautiful studios that are clean and equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. l would never support and recommend any business that does not meet my highest expectations and very demanding standarts for services. Helen’s Pilates impresses me more and more every day. The results I experience are phenomenal and l highly recommend this particular place to everyone who loves to work out and stay fit by having fun and actually enjoying the whole process. You can love, enjoy and have fun working out and Helen’s Pilates can show you how!!!

Rimma Shpigelman,
Brooklyn, NY

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