Every hour that is missed from a course must be made up by booking a private session with an Instructor Trainer. This is equal to the cost of a private session and is not included in your tuition.


If a student needs to miss a class it must be approved by Helen’s Pilates Management. Missed class time must be made up with an Instructor Trainer for additional charge. If you miss more than 6 hours of a course the whole module must be retaken.

Observation Hours

Observation hours are required for each course. Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills. Please make sure to sit to the side and be considerate of the client’s personal space. A log must be filled out by the student and initialed by the instructor teaching or front desk. Logs must then be submitted when you take your practical exam.

Self-Training Practice Hours

Self-training hours with equipment and video materials are required for every module to reinforce the material being presented to perfect their skills.
The hours recommended for each course are descried in program details page.
Students may use all DVDs and Manuals of Helen’s Pilates Library only in the studio only!

Student Teaching Hours

Practice Teaching hours are required. The hours recommended for each course are described in program details page. Teaching hours include any pilates teaching either at Helen’s Pilates Studios or as an employee at any other fitness center or pilates studio. These hours are unpaid and based on Helen’s Pilates Studios availability.

Scheduling Practice Time

When scheduling your Practice Teaching or self-Training hours you must call the front desk the day before to confirm that there will be room in any of the studios: 718-513-3855.
You must always sign in at the front desk when coming in to practice.

Policies for Practice Time

You may bring your friend with you to practice. You Pay $10 fee for each person you come with.
On your friend’s first visit they must fill out a waiver form before starting. No exceptions.
You are not allowed to charge your practice body a fee. This is a serious insurance issue and your practice privileges will be immediately terminated if this rule is broken.
You may only practice on the equipment of the course or courses you have participated in.
Helen’s Pilates employees have priority in the studio. If you are asked to move off a piece of equipment you must do so.

Practice Time Timeline

It is free to practice at Helen’s Pilates until three months after the last day of your last course. You will then be charged $15 for each hour you come in to practice.

Logging Practice Time

A log must be filled out by the student and initialed by the front desk or teaching instructor.
Logs must be submitted when you take your practical exam.

Scheduling Exams

Exams must be taken within a year after the last day of the last course attended.
The written and practical must be taken within 2 weeks of each other.
To schedule your written or practical exam contact Helen’s Pilates Management or register on-line.
If you have scheduled your exam you may only reschedule it once and you will be charged $50 fee.
If you call to reschedule your exam less than 24 hours before or do not show up for it you will be charged $50 fee.
Exams may only be retaken once. If you fail twice you must sign up for additional test-out at a full price.

Continuing Education Credits

To keep your training certificate with Helen’s Pilates valid you will be required to complete 6 hours of Continuing Education Credits every 2 years.

Refund Policy

Once payment and confirmation of the course have been made, there are no refunds.
You may receive credit with Helen’s Pilates if you decide to postpone your course.
You may do so within 1 year time frame after which there will be No Refund.
Once a student has begun a course No Refunds will be given.

Studio Conduct

Please respect your fellow students and limit cell phone use to emergencies only.
The studio must always be kept neat and clean. If you are using small equipment (flexbands, balls, circles etc.) or springs you must always put them back where they belong after practicing.
Please be considerate of Helen’s Pilates clients at all times.
Helen’s Pilates studio is not responsible for any loss or damage of your personal belongings.