Certification Pricing

Comprehensive Teacher Training

$5,960 (Anatomy Module and Basic Yoga Module, test-outs & pre-teaching program not included)

Pricing by Module:

Basic Yoga Module (21 hours)$820
Mat I (20 hours)$750
Mat II (18 hours)$700
Anatomy and movement principles (22 hours)$750
Reformer I (28 hours)$850
Reformer II (20 hours)$720
Reformer III (20 hours)$720
Trapeze Table/Cadillac/Wall Tower (28 hours)$850
Chair (28 hours)$850
Arc & Barrels / Pilates Edge (16 hours)$520
Mat Pilates Instructor Certificate Test-out$200
Reformer Instructor Certificate Test-out$200
Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate$300
Pre-Teaching Certification Program (20 classes in 4 weeks)$550

Manuals and props can be purchased from Helen’s Pilates.


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Kettlebell Fusion Workshop (8 hours)$420
Barre Pilates Workshop (8 hours)$420
CoreAlign Pilates Workshop (14 hours)$490
Aerial Yoga/Pilates Workshop (14 hours)$490
Roller Pilates Workshop (14 hours)$490