Pilates/Yoga Instructor Certification Program


Become a Unique Pilates & Yoga Instructor And an Honored Member of Helen’s Intensive Pilates Team!

Find out about our Comprehensive Pilates & Yoga Certification Program today!

Starting this year we have added a Basic Yoga and Aerial Yoga Training Course to our Pilates Program!

Benefits of choosing Helen’s Plates Program:

  • Learn Helen’s Pilates Method with our Mentoring Training Approach.
  • Get the advantage of a guaranteed Full/Part time jobs upon accomplishing the Program.
  • Gain your experience through the practice starting from the first day!
  • Get the advantage of private group training (limited to 2-4 participants), and make the process of learning more personalized and efficient!
  • Use the Flexible schedule online and on site in both Florida and Brooklyn locations!
  • Our Mentors and Senior instructors are open 24/7 to help you with any question or concern!
  • No interest payment plans are available for committed participants
  • Inquire about our Work and Study program! Assist us with the reception work and pay your tuition before you become an instructor!
  • Start making money as a student instructor before completing the program!

Let us make it easy for you and take care of your schedule and progress!

Helen’s Intensive Pilates is not just regular commercial training of instructors for getting a certificate, it is much more!

You will learn how to help people live free of pain and make them love Pilates! Helen’s Intensive Pilates never stops evolving and growing, providing our clients with creative and personalized approach!

Helen’s Pilates provides their Team members with CED credits by attending Master classes on regular basis.

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