KettleBell Yoga Fusion

Developed by Helen Fitness and ACE Certified (0.8 CEC)

A KettleBell Yoga Class is a mutually enhancing fusion of weight bearing Kettlebell Fitness blocks with core strengthening Vinyasa Yoga Asanas and the precision of Pilates principles. This program creates a safe and effective workout. The incorporation of a basic Yoga method will help to create a smooth transition from one exercise to another, avoiding excessive accumulation of lactic acid and tension in tendons and ligaments. This routine creates a safe workout.

Since Kettlebell Fusion method is based on safety principles of Pilates and Yoga, a lot of attention will be paid to core engagement, understanding the concepts of powerhouse, Lumbo-Pelvic and Scapular Stability with a Neutral Spine.

The numerous benefits of KettleBell Fusion Method are:

  • Entire body workout

  • Increased core stability and abdominal strength

  • Strong and healthy back

  • Elongated muscles

  • High muscle definition in the upper and lower body

  • Increased flexibility and endurance

  • Improved posture

  • Stress reduction and decreased musculoskeletal pain

  • Improved body alignment

Developed by Helen’s Intensive Pilates and ACE Certified (0.8 CEC)