Helen’s Intensive Pilates Method

In order to achieve the most effective results in any Pilates workout, Helen’s Intensive Pilates has designed a unique method and style of exercising. This distinctive technique is specifically designed to combine a multiple variety of equipment. This specially designed program assists all clients including those suffering from chronic back and joint pain. Not only can the clients’ pain be relieved, but without doubt maximize their fitness level.

Helen’s Intensive Pilates Studios have been dominating the fitness savvy community for more than a decade. Helen brings a revolutionary change to the traditional Pilates approach! This is your chance to become a part of the dynamic fusion of multiple disciplines in one effective inventive class! Join us for Aerial/Chair Challenge, Roll the Tower Fusion, Cardio Reformer Arc Blend and more…

Helen’s Pilates specializes in the latest and the most innovative equipment available in today’s market. The benefits of Equipment Pilates are far outreaching other programs. The Equipment allows you to have the full support of its design while fostering your exercise program. This enables the client to constantly be challenged and progress towards their ultimate goals.

Experience Helen’s Intensive Pilates Method! Don’t Be Ordinary – Be Extraordinary!