Helen’s Intensive Pilates offers the unique opportunity to partake in a relaxing facial massage or therapeutic Thai Yoga massage stretches as well as traditional  massages.


Thai Yoga Stretching is a relaxation and healing technique. This particular method integrates the elements of Thai Acupressure, basic Yoga assisted Stretching, Indian Healing Philosophies as well as Reflexology. This wonderful rejuvenating therapeutic full body session lasts 75 minutes.

Our Facial is a complete skin care treatment. Steam, exfoliation, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels and a massage are all inclusive. This facial massage aids in the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. In addition, the massage helps to relax and revitalize the skin, reducing puffiness and sagging facial muscles.

Our Mini-Facial is a 45 minute express facial treatment. This procedure includes exfoliation, creams, lotions, facial masks, peel and a full 30 minutes of a glorious and relaxing facial massage. The true benefits of a facial massage cannot be undervalued. This procedure will increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, while helping to relax the facial muscles, refresh and re-energize the skin reducing puffiness and sagging facial muscles. This treatment most assuredly slows down the onset of wrinkles.

 You can also experience the greatest tropical Yoga Pilates adventure retreat, in such exotic places like Indonesia and Costa Rica.