Why Helen’s Pilates Teaching Program?

Helen’s Pilates is committed to provide its students with the most innovative teaching program designed as a key to success for the new Pilates instructor. It combines focus on traditional Pilates concepts of precision and core control, with intensity and flow as a major factors in modern teaching practice. Pilates is not stagnant. It is evolving at an amazing pace, quickly turning into one of the most popular, safe and effective exercise methods around the world. Helen’s Pilates takes a very active part in this process, developing new programs that reflect the newest trends in the world of Pilates. Our team participates in all major events of Pilates community. The students will acquire the knowledge, skills, experience and innovative ideas, along with profound understanding of Pilates theory. Helen’s Pilates Teaching Program will be the foundation of their future successful career in the challenging world of modern Pilates.



Helen Ovsiy is the Founder, Master Instructor and Educator of Helen’s Intensive Pilates® and Fitness Studios. Having been enriched with fitness programs throughout her formative years, Helen began teaching fitness to young children as early as when she was a student in high school. With an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm, Helen participated as a dancer and an athlete in major fitness events across the Soviet Union. In 1995, Helen completed her Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature in her home country of Ukraine. Simultaneously, Helen acquired an Associate Degree in Nursing. This medical knowledge provided Helen an invaluable asset for her future endeavors. Along with her teaching career at the university she began teaching Toning, Aerobics and Step-Aerobics classes. In 1996, Helen was introduced to the theory and practices of Pilates. Helen immediately fell in love with the Pilates Method.  Helen moved to the United States in 2005, where she gained immediate employment as a personal trainer and a group instructor teaching Pilates, Aqua Aerobics and Cardio and Weight Training classes at Bally Total Fitness. Her recognition as a talented Pilates instructor, enabled Helen to open her first Pilates studio in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY. Helen has gone on to open three additional locations of Helen’s Intensive Pilates®. Her deep understanding and knowledge of fitness and the human body, her incredible work ethics and her everlasting compassion has brought her much success and loyalty.


Boris Rukhlis started his sports career at the age of 12 as a weight lifter which inevitably led him into a lot of injuries. Later being a student of LIU with major in Nursing he discovered Pilates and realized what miracle changes it can make to his body. Now his unique and versatile sports experience along with B.S. in Nursing gives him an excellent opportunity to combine his Pilates teaching techniques with profound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.  At the tender age of sixteen, Boris Rukhlis, began his sports career as a weight lifter, at an official Olympic weight lifting school in the Ukraine. Drafted into the Army t the age of eighteen, Boris displayed an incredible show of strength and perseverance making the rank of Drill Sergeant. Early on in his military career while expertly training future soldiers for combat in Afghanistan, Boris became involved   in the Martial Arts. Unfortunately, the rigorous training and involvement in sports throughout the years led to many injuries. As an adult majoring in Nursing at Long Island University, Boris discovered the Joseph Pilates Method of Fitness. The Pilates total body workout afforded Boris the realization of attaining extreme positive results.  Boris was ultimately able to combine his unique and versatile sports experience, along with his degree in nursing and the Pilates techniques, to provide a total understanding of human anatomy, physiology and well being